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Get those gardening gloves on and start those seeds! Tips to get your yard looking great.

March 24, 2010 · 58 comments

in Home & Garden

It is officially Spring, which I have been so excited for up here in Michigan!

Some of the gardening and yard tips I am going to provide apply primarily to the Midwest (Zone 6).  However, there are still plenty of tips for those of you that have to actually take care of your yard year-around.

  1. If you haven’t started those tomato seeds yet indoors, do it today!  (Or any other vegetable/flower that is transplantable.)  It is ideal to start the seeds under a flourescent light.  However, sunlight works well too.
  2. If it is a nice spring day, walk around and pick up any sticks and such laying around in the lawn.  Lightly rake to remove all debris if ground is dry.
  3. Prune that Rose of Sharon, which can be cut down to 3 feet or so, if desired.  Pruning a Rose of Sharon will encourage more flower buds.
  4. Remove all dead heads from flowers and plants.
  5. Get blades sharpened for lawn mowers and other cutting tools.
  6. Fertilize shrubs and trees.
  7. Inspect your walkway and patio.  Look for loose bricks and repair or replace them.
  8. If you want a new gardening bed, start it now.  You can just cover the area with newspapers covered in compost.  This will kill all weeds, and you just have to remove the newspaper when ready to plant.
  9. Test your soil to optimize what to plant and where
  10. Do some research on how to layout your garden to maximize output.  For instance, do not plant bush beans next to onions.  Tomatoes should not be planted next to corn.  Here is a link describing ‘Companion Planting’  that is very interesting.  http://garden.bemiso.com/companion-planting-vegetables-for-increased-crops.html

So go on and get outside and have some fun.  Nothing is more energizing than a day in the sun, and your yard will look great when all the basic maintenance is done.

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