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Waiting For The Snow? Get The Coffee and A Pastry, And Enjoy Some Great Posts!

December 11, 2010 · 17 comments

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OK, I just came up with a new pet peeve to share:  Why is it when you are expecting bad weather, the weather people can’t just TELL you what is going to happen?  They have to spend the first 3 weather ‘updates’ baiting you about the horrifying weather that is expected, and then on the fourth update, they actually ‘reveal’ what is expected?  When did this phenomenon happen?

Now that I have vented, I have a clear mind and can share some posts I enjoyed this past week.  I read so many great things that I am sure I am leaving some out.  My apologies to all the unincluded out there.

101 Centavos shares a recipe for Beer Bread.  What makes his recipes so great is not only the final product, but his instructions on how to prepare this treat.

Aloysa’s Kitchen Sink has a ‘guest’ post from her husband, “Beaker”. He shares a time in his life when he was very ‘down and out’. Just goes to show you never know what will turn your life around.

Barb Friedberg Personal Finance tells of how someone makes great money part time, and earns fifty percent commission on the products. Barb also provides some other ways to bring in an extra income.

Beating the Index shares how his plan is working out to cover his HELOC payment with dividend earnings. Very impressive, I must say!

Biz of Life has been keeping an eye on the UN COP 16 conference this week, which I personally have enjoyed. Also, scroll up and read one of his more recent posts which features Dilbert. Are you a Frienditute?

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff asks what survival skills you have. It was interesting because I never thought about what special survival abilities I may possess. I fear I may not last long out there in the wilderness unfortunately, unless evil-doers run away when they hear sarcasm.

Do Not Wait discusses how YOU can affect the economy. Is there a way that you can improve your own financial situation based on the current economic climate?

Faithful With A Few reveals how a city in NJ is using cameras to catch people running red lights, and issuing tickets. It is a great revenue generator, that is for sure. Maybe I could buy one for myself?

Financial Samurai discusses the latest tax cut/unemployment deals going on. Will we become socialists soon? Or, will extending unemployment be just what the doctor ordered and heal our economy?

First Gen American shares some of Babci’s rules for personal finance. I personally think Babci should write a book and do appearances on Oprah and such. I promise you will save a ton of cash if you follow her rules.

Grumpy Rumblings of the Untenured discusses the expenses of owning a home, and her own personal pitfalls with home-ownership. (She had quite a string of bad luck I must say!)

Invest it Wisely writes a review of the book “The Skinny on Creativity”. I used to think that you either had creativity or you didn’t. However, as I have gotten older, I have actually seen myself become a little more creative, and I don’t just view myself as ‘logical’. Or, maybe I am just losing my logic? That is possible too.

Len Penzo discusses 6 ‘fake’ ways to save money. See how many of them you fall for! One thing I never fall for is buying the daily special at a restaurant. I just cannot listen to the long explanation of how something is prepared, blah blah blah. Plus, I always figure that if it is being pushed on me, then it is benefiting them. Put something in small writing and off to the side, then I might consider it.

Money Reasons shares what makes him happy. I love these types of posts- who doesn’t love to be reminded of what brings happiness? What would make me happy is a snow day on Monday!

Moneycone evaluates if the bailouts were really necessary or not. What do you think? Are we better off after the bailouts?

Retire By 40 discusses rebalancing his portfolio. It made me realize that this is something I need to really spend some time on, and soon. I am not getting younger (surprisingly), so I need to really evaluate my risk level.

Saving Money Today writes about the death of Page Rank. Goodbye Page Rank- I never really knew thee…

Single Mom, Rich Mom shares her big envelope budgeting system. I always enjoy budgeting posts because it budgeting is so individualized- everyone has a different spin on how they allocate their money.

Spruce of Your Finances shares the ‘pros’ of moving closer to work for his family. Since I live where I work, I guess I don’t have such concerns. However, if sitting in traffic takes up a lot of your time, it may be something to consider.

Squirrelers tells of how a waiter was a ‘Squirreler Gone Wild’ by issuing compliments in hopes of getting a good tip. (Or is suspected of doing so.) Personally, I had no problem with the waiter handing out a compliment. Made the customer happy, and that happiness ended up being expressed in the form of a greater tip. Good deal for all!

Sustainable Life Blog shares how NOT to gain weight over the holiday. I think Jeff must have been lurking around my house over Thanksgiving because several of these suggestions could be based off of our eating habits that weekend. (Especially the part about M&Ms!)

Watson, Inc shares his own plan for reducing unemployment, and I wholly agree with him. However, I think it may be too long-term for our politicians to consider because they just want quick wins so they can get reelected! (I personally think this country throws way too much money at problems instead of actually trying to get to the root cause and fix the real issues.)

Yes I Am Cheap! has 30 days of savings opportunities for the holidays, with a new item mentioned each day. Instead of pointing to any one post, I am sending you over to the website because you will want to scroll through them all to maximize your savings.

If you do live in an area getting some bad weather this weekend, please drive safe and take your time!

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