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Thoughts For Thursday: Commercials

March 10, 2011 · 27 comments

in Thoughts For Thursday

As I write, I quite often have the TV on in the background.  Sometimes I pay attention, sometimes I don’t.  However, there are a couple commercials that almost always catch my eye.  I am going to share a few examples:

  1. Lifetime’s new show “Coming Home”. I believe the show recently premiered, although I have not watched it yet.  The  show features homecomings of different service men as they reunite with their families after deployment.  The commercial I have seen frequently shows snippets of different reunions, one appears to be of a man graduating college and his dad shows up at the last second in his uniform, and they both end up crying.  Then I end up crying.  This commercial tears me up every single time I see it.  Dads and daughters are featured, husbands and wives.  I think I would end up being a mess after watching an entire episode if I can’t even handle the commercial.
  2. Tide Commercial #1. This commercial elicits a totally different response than the “Coming Home” commercial.  In this ad, mom is going out to the bar, wearing her daughter’s ugly green shirt (that people love for some reason).  Of course, something spills on the shirt, but oh well.  One morning, the daughter is looking for her favorite shirt, and mom lies saying ‘Oh I haven’t seen it’.  Daughter leaves for school, and mom runs to the dirty clothes and pulls out the stained, even uglier green shirt.  Lying mom treats ugly shirt with Tide and it comes out looking perfect, albeit ugly.  Daughter is shown wearing the shirt later, chipper as a lark, and mom lies about where she found it.  It is a beautiful tale of a bar hopping mom that lies to her daughter, and is smug about it.
  3. Tide Commercial #2. Dad is outside doing yard work, and he is all dirty.  Dad comes across a teeny tiny white skirt (can’t remember if it is in the laundry room, or hanging outside to dry) and wipes his very dirty hands all over the little white skirt.  (He obviously has contempt for this skirt, and with good reason.)   Next scene, teen daughter sees her skirt is all dirty and is she is mad.  Mom is equally disappointed, but then treats tiny skirt with Tide, and it comes out looking clean as the day it came out of the factory.  Daughter puts on skirt, mom is thrilled that her daughter is leaving the house in her little mini-skirt, and dad is exasperated.  The moral of this story:   Moms don’t care what their daughters wear, as long as their daughter is happy.  Also, dad’s opinion doesn’t matter and mom should undermine him if she feels like it.

Do you have any commercials that impact you a certain way?

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