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Take the Jung Typology Test- and Share Your Results!

April 15, 2011 · 38 comments

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One thing I have really come to enjoy from blogging is getting the opportunity to interact with readers.   When a member from the Yakezie blogging group I am a part of suggested we write about the Jung Typology Test, I thought it would be a perfect.  I figured I could share all the exciting aspects of my personality, and learn about the personalities of the people that stop by and read my blog.

So, what I would love for you to do is to take the Jung Typology Test, and leave a comment regarding what your personality profile is.  The test is 72 questions, but it really doesn’t take long at all.  After you find out your personality type, you can go to the Personality Page website to get a better description of what your personality type means.  Then, leave a comment about what your personality type is, and if you felt the description was accurate or not..

I took the test and found out I am an INFJ- ‘The Protector’ or ‘Counselor’.  Apparently I am a somewhat rare creature in that only 1-2 percent of the population is an INFJ.  (Not sure if that is a good or bad thing…)  Here is a summary of the INTJ, from the Meyers Briggs website:

Seek meaning and connection in ideas, relationships, and material possessions. Want to understand what motivates people and are insightful about others. Conscientious and committed to their firm values. Develop a clear vision about how best to serve the common good. Organized and decisive in implementing their vision.

Kinda scary on how accurately that little paragraph describes me, and the more detailed explanation given on the Personalty Page is even more scary.

Here are a some famous INFJ – I am in good company, although it doesn’t seem that many of us make it to the White House:

Nathan, prophet of Israel
Robert Burns, Scottish poet

U.S. Presidents:
Martin Van Buren
James Earl “Jimmy” Carter

Nathaniel Hawthorne
Fanny Crosby, (blind) hymnist
Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Fred McMurray (My Three Sons)
Shirley Temple Black, child actor, ambassador
Martin Luther King, Jr., civil rights leader, martyr
James Reston, newspaper reporter
Shirley MacLaine (Sweet Charity, …)
Piers Anthony, author (“Xanth” series)
Michael Landon (Little House on the Prairie)
Tom Selleck
John Katz, critic, author
Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul and Mary)
U. S. Senator Carol Moseley-Braun (D-IL)
Billy Crystal
Garry Trudeau (Doonesbury)
Nelson Mandela
Mel Gibson
Carrie Fisher
Nicole Kidman
Jerry Seinfeld
Jamie Foxx
Sela Ward
Mark Harmon (As a side note, Mark Harmon and I also share the same birthday…)

Some people may have taken this test before.  If you have now taken it again, were the results any different from when you took the test previously?  I know that I used to be an “E” and now I am an “I”.

I hope you enjoy the test, and thank you for participating!

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