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Safe From Sky Trash Plus Links

September 24, 2011 · 9 comments

in Link Round Up

Well, it is Saturday, September 24th and fortunately, no space garbage flew out of the sky and landed on my house (or me).  In case you were wondering, it is thought (but not confirmed) that the remnants from the 6 ton ‘inactive’ satellite landed somewhere in the Pacific ocean today, just after midnight.

As an interesting anecdote, NASA estimated that there was a 1 in 3200 chance that a human would be hit by the satellite as it plummeted to the ground.   However, chances that YOU would be hit by the satellite was around 1 in 22 trillion.  Those typically seem like pretty safe odds, unless you are the unfortunate soul that was affected.

Now that you know you are safe, sit back and do a little reading!

101 Centavos is brave and evaluates that status of his Centavos Model Portfolio.  Things may not be perfectly rosy, but I think 101 will end up just fine!

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff shares her Weight Watcher’s menu and how much she spends on groceries. Prices where she lives are a lot better than where I live. (Unless the prices stated are sale prices.)

Financial Samurai discusses how debt can snowball into bankruptcy, and also how he prefers to pay cash for cars. Borrowing is so cheap right now that I bet people are tempted to take out loans, I just hope they use this money wisely.

First Gen American discussed motorcycle helmets and government programs.  I was just thinking about motorcycle helmet laws myself the other day!  My view on government:  we need to streamline many government departments and maybe even just start over.

Free From  Broke suggests we start budgeting for Christmas now.  I couldn’t agree more.  Now is when I start clipping coupons for Michael’s and other places so I can start my shopping now.

Funancials explains the rule of 72.  This is a simple formula I could do in my head before.  However, with interest rates so low, I think I need a calculator now.  (What is 72/.4%?)

Invest It Wisely hosts a guest post by Rob Bennett about the stock market.  Do you Buy and Hold? Are you frustrated by the returns from the stock market in the past decade?

KrantCents has evaluated his goals and is making more progress, and is also doing some amazing training and feeling great.  Check out his blog October 1st to see where he stands regarding his blogging goals.

Len Penzo goes against the grain saying that Boardwalk is not the best property to own in Monopoly.  Personally, I always preferred the yellow “Marvin’s Gardens” associated properties, but seemed to have the most success with the orange “New York/St. James/Tennessee” properties.  What about you?

Little House In the Valley continues her quest to find the right city for her future home.  She and her husband did something very smart- they visited the same town at different times of the year.  The city seemed charming in April, but in August, some things didn’t seem so perfect…

Money Reasons is being a vigilant parent (as usual!) and sharing how he is trying to modify his own behavior to set a positive example for his kids.

Out of Your Rut asks if there is a correlation between being frugal and being a successful business owner.  I agree about 90 percent.  My only fear is if the business might become limited if the owner is too ‘frugal’ to invest in the future.  (Not seeing the forest for the trees…)

Retire By 40 does a great job comparing returns if between investing in a Roth IRA or a 401K.  Do you prefer a 401K?  Roth?  Both?  Something Else?

Single Mom, Rich Mom has a hard time charging people for things, and it sick of others profiting from the desperate.

Squirreler’s discusses liquid vs. ‘solid’ assets.  Are enough of your assets ‘liquid’?  Or, if hard times come, will you be selling off your treasured collectibles?

Wealth Informatics has a new spin on the emergency fund.  It is an emergency fund based on circumstances specific for their situation, taking into account the possible need to travel abroad if necessary.  In my opinion, the WI approach is a much better way to decide how much of an emergency fund you need as opposed to just using some standard formula of ‘3 months expenses’.

Enjoy the first weekend of fall everyone!

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