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My To Do List, and Some Links!

October 28, 2011 · 95 comments

in Link Round Up

Well, we are now getting to the part of fall where you feel like every nice day is your last nice day for the year.  That means I need to cram in as much as possible.  My (entire family’s) to-do list for the weekend is as follows:

  1. Get a pumpkin or two
  2. Carve the pumpkin and roast some seeds
  3. Rake the leaves and put them in the compost bin
  4. Plant bulbs
  5. Grocery shop for the ingredients for my Halloween food extravaganza (chili, corn bread, jello jigglers, ‘ghosts in the graveyard’, and more)
  6. Clean my home office (just because it is bugging me)
  7. Go to volleyball tournament (all day event, could make accomplishing other tasks a little difficult)
I think that is all I need to get done for now, but I am sure other things will creep onto the list.
So, all of you readers out there that have some extra time to spare, grab the beverage of your choice and do a little reading!

101 Centavos is an apple smuggler and an apple killer, but that is beside the point. Read about how two people in the same situation notice different things in an airport (or notice nothing at all)…

20s Finances has a great suggestion on where to invest  your money for the very first time.   By the way, I took this advice, but it was 20 years ago…

Barb Friedberg Personal Finance is cautiously optimistic about the economy and is seeing some signs of life.  I have to say that even living in metro Detroit, things seems to be doing a little better around here too.  (Now, if only the house next door would sell before it goes into foreclosure…)

Biz of Life shares an amusing display from Walmart.

Budgeting In the Fun Stuff  has a new addiction- Halloween items.  I think it is great when people embrace a holiday and go ‘all in’.  She better post some pictures!

Faithful With A Few bought a new laptop.  Given all the issues with the old laptop, I fully support the decision!

Financial Samurai just refinanced his house, and has great tips for others that are considering going through the process.

First Gen American teaches us about how to make a difference by creating or participating in affinity groups.  There is also a whole lot of other great advice in this post too.

Frugal Confessions has found some success with composting. I am envious because my compost bin is not working out like I hoped, and now the weather is getting cold!

Invest It Wisely is using comparative advantage to his advantage and outsourcing some blogging duties.  I think that is a great idea and I too have outsourced Jesse from PF Firewall to change my theme over to Thesis.  Sure, I could try and do it myself, but why drive myself crazy?

KrantCents teaches us how to ace lunch interviews. After I read his post, I realized I had never been on a lunch interview, I feel kind of ripped off.  If I ever am though, I will not put salt on my food without taking a bite first, that is for sure.

Len Penzo shares how much Stanford economists believe a human life is worth, in dollars.  Kind of scary that something like life can even be quantified.  Totally agree with Len on this one.

Life And My Finances shares some interesting statistics about immigrants and their financial success. Americans could learn a lot from those that travelled far and wide to live in the US.

Little House in the Valley has been scouring the west coast for a home for awhile, trying to decide where to buy. Well, she is not going to buy after all, but rent for another year instead.  I think this may be a wise choice since her job situation is somewhat up in the air right now.  A year goes pretty fast, and the additional time will allow Little House to really ramp up the house hunt and see what is available and at a great price.

Money Beagle correlates budgeting and cats!  I am so sad for his little kitty!

Money For College has an extensive post about finding and/or making your dream job.  I think about my dream job often, but the opportunity cost of giving up real income is what stops me from pursuing it.  Maybe when the kids are older…

Money Reasons tells the true story of a co-worker that is in the top one percent of wage earners.  Reading this post really makes you realize money does not buy  happiness, or at least not all of the time.   Great post.

Money Cone has yet another incredibly informative post, this time about 401k rollover options.  A lot of people could really benefit from reading this post, especially with so many people losing their jobs and having to decide what to do with their retirement funds.

Personal Finance By the Book defines real wealth, and it doesn’t have much to do with money.  I couldn’t agree more.  No matter how much I might (or might not) have in the bank right now, I feel incredibly wealthy!

Retire By 40 asks how much we spend on driving each year.  Considering we put about 50,000 miles (total) on our cars each year, I am guess we pay a lot more than most.

Single Mom, Rich Mom is wondering if she should get a job, and lists ten pretty convincing reasons.  I think a lot of people struggle in retirement for the very reasons she lists in this post.

Squirrelers asks if you are willing to give up income to get more sleep . I personally would have chosen the 6 hour a day option, but I used to get that much sleep all the time.  I could always just do it a few years and then change jobs if I struggled.

Watson Inc makes a great point about frugality when he asks if being too frugal can be a bad thing.  I struggle all the time with balancing taking care of everything else in the world and minimizing my grocery bill.  Opportunity costs are everywhere, and finding the perfect balance is difficult!

Wealth Informatics has a very creative post based on the three little pigs.  Make sure you don’t end up being that last little pig that goes ‘wee wee wee wee all the way home’.   (Being the little piggy that had none is no picnic either…)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and happy early Halloween.


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Roshawn @ Watson Inc October 28, 2011 at 11:14 pm

It seems like you will have both a green and a fun weekend (including the v-ball tournament). I hope you gets some rest!

What an awesome collection of links. Thanks for including me among them.


krantcents October 29, 2011 at 2:03 am

Thanks for the links, I am in good company.


sandyl@firstgenamerican.com October 29, 2011 at 5:51 am

We’re supposed to get 10 inches of snow…now I’m regretting not cleaning up my perennial beds last weekend despite having a cold. Oh well.

Thanks for linking up to me. Have a great weekend.


Joe Plemon October 29, 2011 at 8:50 am

Sounds like a full weekend! If I am in the neighborhood, I might stop by to help with your food extravaganza…yum!

Thanks for including me with all of these great posts.


Jacq October 29, 2011 at 1:05 pm

Last year when I put my pumpkin buying off to the weekend before Halloween, I couldn’t find one – hope you’re more lucky. (Mine this year is kind of green…) Thanks for the link Kris.


Khaleef @ KNS Financial October 29, 2011 at 9:10 pm

Hey Kris,

It sounds like you will have a full weekend!

Thanks for including my wife’s article – she really destroyed her old laptop!


Moneycone October 29, 2011 at 11:33 pm

Thanks Kris for the mention!

Anyone else experiencing surprise halloween snow? 🙂


Derek@LifeAndMyFinances October 30, 2011 at 12:25 am

I’m glad you liked my post about the wealth of immigrants! Thanks for the link!


Little House October 30, 2011 at 2:14 pm

You have quite the to-do list this weekend and that volleyball tournament will definitely put a kink in your plans. But I’m sure you’ll get your stuff done! Thanks for including my link and Happy Halloween!


Invest It Wisely November 3, 2011 at 9:01 pm

Wow, the site looks quite different… but quite nice at the same time! Congrats on the move, and thanks for the mention! 🙂


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