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Money Mistakes Women (Besides Me) Make??

April 18, 2011 · 31 comments

in Personal Finance

I was perusing the web this weekend, and I came across an older article at Money Ning titled ‘Money Mistakes That (Mostly) Women Make’.  I knew I had to read the article to see all the things I may be doing wrong.  The following is the list of financial mistakes, and how they apply (or don’t) to me:

  1. Spending too much on shoes and clothes.  HA HA HA HA.  That is totally not me.  I have never understood the ‘shoe addiction’.  I just want comfortable feet.  Sure, I want to look nice, but being pain free matters more to me than anything.  Also, it isn’t just about foot comfort either.  I have worn shoes that made  my knees ache too.  Regarding clothes, I definitely need to update my wardrobe.  However, I just get upset at the prospect of paying full price, and it seems when things are on sale, the items in my size are gone.  Perhaps I need to actually shop more?
  2. Expecting a 2-Month’s Salary Engagement Ring.  OK, I am guilty of this one.  That is because we were in college when we got engaged and I think my husband’s part-time job paid about $6.25 an hour.  I don’t think I ‘demanded’ anything regarding an engagement ring, but my ring might have cost 2 months salary at that time.  By the way, our 20th anniversary is coming up in 2 months, and I have no desire to update my ring and get something fancy.  My 1/3 carat ring is just fine thank you. 
  3. Competing With Mrs. Jones.  Again, I chuckle.  I don’t care what anyone else is driving or where anyone is living.  I just want a vehicle that is comfortable for my family and and a house in a safe neighborhood.  As stated earlier, I definitely do not dress to impress (again, I prefer comfort), and jewelry doesn’t matter to me at all.   The thing is, I would drive myself insane if I tried to keep up with others because there will always be someone better off than I am.  So, what’s the point?  If you find that you are always trying to keep up with your neighbors or whoever, then just change your comparison other to be someone worse off than you are.  It may just change your perspective and make you appreciate what you have more.
  4. Engaging in Recreational Shopping or ‘Retail Therapy’.  The last thing you will see me do in a time of crises is speed off to the mall to buy a new outfit or the latest gadget.  As a matter of fact, shopping makes me feel worse, unless it is grocery shopping.  I have never found shopping to be recreational, it is more of  a chore.  Now using chocolate as therapy is right up my alley and is totally acceptable!
  5. Relying on Marriage to Save Them.  I got married right after I graduated college.  I had a Masters Degree, so I am sure I could have supported myself had I not gotten married.  In the end, I guess I did get my MRS Degree, but it was nothing I sought out. 
  6. “Playing Nice” At Work.   I have never had a problem with asking for a raise or a more challenging assignment.  I feel it is up to every individual to advocate for themselves because chances are, nobody else is going to do it for you.  Of course, during bad economic times, it may be that salaries are frozen or even reduced.  However, be ready for when the economy does turn around and make sure you have all your accomplishments documented to justify a raise request. 

So, in all honesty, how many of these ‘mistakes’ are you (or your spouse) guilty of?  What do you think of this list?

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