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Mitt Romney, Please Stop Calling Me- Plus A Link Roundup

February 26, 2012 · 16 comments

in Link Round Up

Here in Michigan, our presidential primary is coming up this Tuesday (2/28/2012).

All I can say is, I will be so glad when it is over.

Every single day, several times a day, I get a phone call from “Private Name, Private Number”.  At first I answered thinking “oh, I wonder who is trying to get a hold of me”.  After hearing the same recorded message over and over, I think  “my gosh Mitt, please find something else to do besides call me”.

Of course, it isn’t really Mitt Romney calling me, but some recorded voice of “Amy”, who wants me to vote for Mitt.  I still pick up the phone because I know that Amy is persistent, and I just hope she will move on if it shows I actually picked up the phone that day.

Actually, I am still undecided on who I will be voting for this week.  However, I can tell you that Amy would not be swaying me one way or the other.  (If anything I would be tempted to go anti-Romney just because I am sick of these calls.  However, I know I have to vote for who I think is the best candidate and not let short-term frustration affect my decision.)

Now that have gotten that vent out of the way, it is time to inform all you readers of some great posts that I have read recently!

101 Centavos talks about just getting out there and walking.  Meaning, it is more important that you get out and do something instead of trying to pressure yourself to go ‘all out’ at the risk of giving up too soon.

Biz of Life shares a video (that I believe is a spoof) about how Brit Doris is saved from Lazy Cow Disease.

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff hosts a guest post from her mother-in-law, Mrs. Veranda.  Everyone should be so lucky as to have a great relationship like Crystal and her mother-in-law have.  Also, check out the new blog started out by Mrs. Veranda , which is cleverly titled Out on the Veranda.

Debt Free by 30 discusses how she spends at the grocery store.  It isn’t about going with bargain brands and using a thousand coupons.  It is more about indulgences, and she also gives some info on the chemicals on produce.  (Too bad I love so many of the fruits on the ‘Dirty Dozen’ list!)

Financial Samurai ponders whether employers should be running credit checks.  There is also a side discussion about his friend Tom that may be ditching his mortgage.  (I think Tom must be taking advice from my neighbor…)

First Gen American uses her neighborhood shoe cobbler named George.  We too go to a cobbler for my husband’s work shoes when the soles start to wear.  Cobbler Tony does a great job, and I recommend more people repair their shoes/clothes as opposed to just tossing them.

Financial God writes about how the frugal are disliked.  I want to take it a step further and say the rich are disliked too, whether frugal or not.  There seems to be a lot of resentment in the world these days for people that pay their bills and still have some money left over.  Make sure you stop by and check out this great new site!

Len Penzo hosts a post from wonderful Aunt Doris- who teaches us about the two fingered salute!

Little House In the Valley talks about the rising cost of gas and shares how she is out riding her bike.  I am so jealous, and I cannot wait to get out riding my bike again.

KrantCents continues his Success series, featuring the Letter F.  I couldn’t agree more with this post.

Money Crashers helps us stave off illness by suggesting ways to boost our immune system.  Looks like sugar is the bad guy yet again!

Money Reasons did something very creative.  He solicited the opinions from readers on how extra money would improve their lives and make them happier.  It is really fun to read what others would do with extra cash.

Moneycone sings the praises of taking out a 30 year mortgage but paying it down within 15 years.  (As opposed to just taking out a 15 year mortgage.)  What do you think?

Personal Finance By the Book shares how he uses his hobbies/interests to make some side money.  Maybe this post will inspire you to do the same?

Retire By 40 has a great mortgage rate of 4.25%.  Should he pay extra on his mortgage or no?  Thoughts??  From my perspective, I would probably still pay it down because debt drives me crazy.  However, I know many would probably disagree with me.

Single Mom, Rich Mom has a great post to help people try to find contract or freelance work. She has a lot of experience in this area, and provides a wealth of knowledge!

Tie the Money Knot wants people to stop judging stay at home dads and wants the idea to be embraced.  I totally agree actually, I think a mom or dad can be a great stay at home parent.  Make sure you check out this post and others as this is a great new blog!

Watson Inc has a very inspirational post encouraging readers to chase their dreams.  Shawn also provides some steps to take in order to find success in reaching a dream or a goal.  One very important tip:  Have a positive attitude!

Wealth Informatics talks about what holds people back from making a change or quitting, especially when it comes to their job.

Well-Heeled Blog asks how people  know when they are financially ready to have kids.  My take?  You can’t know for sure because different circumstances may require a greater financial commitment.  However for us, the answer was…when we were pregnant. :)

Ironically, the phone rang while I was finishing up this post and it was Rick Santorum!

Have a great week!



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