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Link Round Up: Goal Updates, Legal Documents, Insurance Scams, Home Safety, and More!

June 5, 2011 · 9 comments

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Has anyone noticed how fast this year is going by?  Maybe my brain is just confused because Michigan totally bypassed Spring and jumped directly from a 6 month Winter to Summer.

My kiddos get out of school in just a few days, and it seems like I am always scrambling at the end of the school year to get a million things done at the last minute.  I think I need an assistant that works for free and handles all my mindless tasks for me.  Anybody want to apply for the job?

Anyway, while you are avoiding the heat, take a little time to enjoy a glass of lemonade and read the great posts listed below:

101 Centavos shares his experience with tailor-made items, and provides some interesting business ideas.  (By the way, we re-sole shoes too.)

Barb Friedberg Personal Finance provides some tips for weight loss and accumulating wealth, along with some of her own personal experiences.

Bucksome Boomer makes some great suggestions about dealing with aging parents.  Nobody wants to discuss grave health situations, but it is definitely something that needs to be done.  There is nothing worse than having to deal with such decisions when a loved one is suffering from a serious medical condition, and you are unprepared.

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff is selling things on Craigslist to create a home office.   This will bring her one step closer to blogging full time!

Debt Free By 30 shares an update on her goals for 2011.  I think she is doing a great job, and has put my goal accomplishments to shame.

Fat Guy Skinney Wallet is getting near the end of his 31 day challenge.  He is doing such a great job- go visit the site and cheer him on!

Financial Samurai has been ripped off by his insurance company.  He will make them pay if they do not make things right!

First Gen American enjoys the positive power of karma as she gets some great clothes in exchange for some perennials.

Grumpy Rumblings of the Untenured helps everyone discern if they are from the midwest or not.  (I want the pop map!)

Invest it Wisely reminds us to not fall for high-pressure sale tactics.  I cannot stand when a sales vulture stalks me and tries to rush me into a decision.

Lindy Mint is declaring June as the month she will be selling all her stuff.  (Assuming this is stuff she does not need.)  She has done a great job so far of using Ebay to declutter and make some money on the side, I am sure she (and her husband) will do well.

Money Reasons discusses his experience blogging.  I agree with so many points in this post.  I too sometimes struggle to come up with content.  I find that it is best to write when I am inspired as opposed to writing on a schedule.

MoneyCone has created a fantastic checklist for readers to go through when selecting a bank and opening an account.

Prairie EcoThrifter has some great ideas for choosing an eco-friendly home.  I also agree that the neighborhood is so very important when choosing a home for you family!

Saving Money Today has some great ideas for handling all those pictures that have not been put in albums.  This post spoke (ok, yelled) to me as I just wrote about my issues with my photos not being in albums.

Squirreler’s wants to know how many pairs of shoes we buy each year.  My answer:  as few as possible.  Shoe shopping (and clothes shopping) is just a chore for me and I derive zero satisfaction from it.

The Saved Quarter began a new series where readers share their budget and look for ways to cut expenses.  Stop by and see if you have any additional suggestions that would improve the reader’s financial situation.

Wealth Informatics has a very informative post about making your home a safer place.  There are a lot of great little tips in this article that everyone could benefit from.

Have a fantastic week everyone!

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