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Leonid Meteor Shower and a Link Round Up To Boot

November 13, 2010 · 26 comments

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Ok, I am sitting back at Starbucks, typing away.  However, I am learning that Saturdays at Starbucks are really boring!  Nobody stays to talk, everyone just gets their coffee to go!  I will update you later in the post if I find out anything really exciting.

For all you meteor shower fans out there, we are coming up on the peak time to watch the Leonids.   Where I live, the peak time to watch for 2010 is the pre-dawn hours of November 18th.  However, you can still see shooting stars on the nights before and after.  We went out last night around 10:00 pm and my husband and son saw some.  Yet again, I did not.  Is it possible my Lasik is failing me, or am I just looking in the wrong spots all the time?

To see the Leonids, you need to look toward the constellation Leo, which is in the east.  However, once the night progresses, you need to look more ‘up’  instead of easterly.  Be patient as your eyes need to adjust to the darkness.  Plus, the shower this year is only expected to produce 15-20 meteors/hour, so don’t give up after 2 minutes!

OK, now that everyone knows what they will be doing before sunrise the next 4 days, I will now share some of the posts I really enjoyed this past week.

101 Centavos shares an amusing post about Bruschetta. This will make you hungry and want to drink wine no matter what time of day you read it.

Andrew Hallam discusses embracing failure instead of running away from it. Learn from it and fight back, don’t let it beat you.

Biz of Life shares a funny Youtube video about politics and Lame Ducks. This post also includes a somewhat creepy picture from Star Trek.

Bucksome Boomer shares what she plans to serve for Thanksgiving dinner. Now I can only think about turkey covered in gravy!

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff is at a crossroads regarding which health care package she should take from her employer.  Click on her post and chime in on what you think she should do!

Faithful With A Few shares how he feels about money today. Who knew that ‘Meh’ was a word?

Financial Samurai discusses the fantastic Yakezie Scholarship Fund, and raises the interesting question of who it is ok to accept money from. (Not ‘personal’ money, but money from organizations that would sponsor the scholarship fund.) Sam has spent a lot of hours creating and evolving the Yakezie, so please give this post a read.

First Gen American shares a story of our Babci, who will go to unimaginable lengths to make homemade sauerkraut. I am very German, but I just cannot stand sauerkraut. However, would I possible like Babci-kraut? I loved the currant jelly I received, so perhaps I could be a convert? Another tidbit I have to share is I used to have that exact same yellow linoleum in my first house that is shown in the picture!

Grumpy Rumblings of the Untenured share the story of their grandma (don’t know if it is Nicole’s or Maggie’s).  This grandma sounds like she is the best!  She is a scotch-drinking-facebook-subscribin’-mouse-killin’ gramma!  She is my inspiration!

Invest it Wisely provides the most comprehensive post on gold I have ever read.  I cannot do it justice by just writing a little description about it, so go give it a read!

Len Penzo shares some areas of his life that are taking money from him each year, and is very honest about whether or not he will do anything about each of them.  I appreciate when people choose to enjoy some of the little things in life instead of saving a buck, because it makes me feel better when I do it. 🙂

Little House In the Valley shares how she budgets using percents in addition to dollar amounts. I had never really thought about doing this, but I may. Will I be scared to learn what percent of our income goes toward Panera? I wonder what percent of my total body weight comes from Panera too…

Money Reasons gets taken out of context by another blogger and writes his own response. Here you will learn that MR was investing at a very young age and basically dispels the myths portrayed by the other blogger. Hey MR, it is good to know people are reading your stuff though!

Personal Finance By the Book writes about excuses, and makes you evaluate if you truly do have a good excuse to not do ‘better’. Is it time? Is it money? What are your priorities?

Squirreler’s is hosting a Thanksgiving giveaway, and also donating 200 dollars to Cure Search as part of the contest.  Go sign up and try to win a great prize.

The Saved Quarter is writing about store bought vs. home made foods. I will pick home made pumpkin pie any day, even though it takes a little time to make. There is also a comparison on mashed potatoes too! See what others preferred.

Ultimate Money Blog is contemplating moving to a home with 4 acres. What do you think of this idea?  Give the post a read and share your thoughts. The comments section also gives some further perspective on this post.

Watson Inc. shares some of his financial regrets. Much of this post could have been written by me as I found many similarities to my own life when reading what he wrote.

Wealth Artisan writes about the new Kardashian Debit Card. I almost exploded when I read this post. The fees are ridiculous, and for what? To have some people on the front of a card that were born into money? What is wrong with our country that we would even create something like this? Oh no, I fear I may explode yet again just thinking about it.

Wealth Informatics shares a ton (ok, 77) of do it yourself Christmas projects/presents. I got some great ideas of things I could work on with my daughter!

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