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How Many Cars Do You Park In Your Garage?

November 17, 2010 · 67 comments

in Home & Garden

When house shopping 10 years ago, we originally planned on buying a home with a 3 car garage.  However, we quickly found out that 3 car garages are usually attached to much larger houses.  Therefore, the large garage got scrapped from our list of requirements and we ended up purchasing a house with a 2-car garage.

Despite having 1000 bikes, endless sporting equipment, a lawn mower, garbage cans, golf clubs, and more, we manage to park both our cars in the garage.  I am very grateful for this garage when I wake up and see frost all over the cars parked out in the street.  (One of those cars in the street is ours since we are a three car household.  That is because no matter how hard we try, we cannot cram that third car in between the other two cars in the garage…)

So,  I am wondering why more people do not maximize the space in their garage so that both vehicles will fit?   Often times, I will drive by a house and see one car in the garage, another car in the driveway, and a stack of stuff piled up on the other side of the garage.  I wonder why people put what is probably their second most expensive asset in the driveway, and provide shelter to a bunch of stuff that is probably rarely, if ever, used.

I hate to sound judgmental, but I always think that if we can fit two cars in the garage with all the stuff we have stored in there, anyone can do it.  There are so many hooks you can put up in your garage to hang bikes, wheelbarrows, etc.  We sometimes have to walk sideways to navigate around the garage, but we can do it.

My question to readers out there is- if you only park one car in a two-car garage, what is the reason?

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