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Frivolous Goals For 2012

December 18, 2011 · 41 comments

in Life

It seems every year, I create some goals for myself that are very serious, and pretty hard to accomplish. Of course, I have the best of intentions, but I must admit that quite often, some of my goals fall by the way side mid-year for various reasons.

So this year, just for fun, I decided to come up with some goals that are not only attainable, but will improve my life in some small, and possibly meaningless, way:

1. Never will a sock with a hole in it cross my heel again. You might think “you need a goal for this?”. Well, yes I do. Quite often I will hold on to a pair of socks beyond what is reasonable. Well, no more. If a sock is wearing out, it will go straight to the garbage and not the laundry basket. I figure I am a reasonable adult, and I don’t have to wear worn out socks anymore!

2. I will read more. I spend much of my time running around and trying to be productive. I don’t take nearly enough time for myself and that is going to change in the new year. I am not saying I will be kicking back and reading Harlequin romances while my family is starving or needs to go somewhere. But, if it is a sunny day, I am going to head out to the patio and enjoy some lemonade and a book for a little while. I am going to wholly enjoy it and not feel an ounce of guilt.

3. I will not allow mail to stack up. I am usually pretty good about sorting through the mail each day. Lately though, my counter has been piling up with useless mail and it just makes me mad. In 2012, I will not relax until all mail hash been recycled, thrown out, or filed. This topic leads me to…

4. I will eliminate as much ‘real’ mail as I can. I am going to call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT to hopefully reduce the number of credit card offers I receive. I will also call to discontine any catalogs I get in the mail if I have not ordered from that company in the last year.

5. I will better plan my garden and put more time into it this summer. My garden was completely disappointing this year, and I need to figure out why. Not only that, but I never seem to plant enough seeds either. Well, this year will be different! I am not saying I will master hi-tech gardenening like I saw recently at Epcot, but I will have a greater bounty, even if it means I have to go outside and sing folk songs to my plants and provide words of encouragement for them to grow.

That is about it for my 2012 goals for now. I will probably come up with some more meaningful goals in the next week, but maybe I won’t…

What are your plans for the new year?

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