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Appreciate the Small Things In Life!

June 18, 2010 · 178 comments

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While I was driving today, I was thinking about how happy the small things in life can make me.  So I thought I would compile a list of some of the things that make me smile:  (Warning, some may seem ridiculous.  Family/kids are excluded from this list because I would probably never end this post, the list would be endless.)

  1. When I take the kids to school sometimes, I see a donkey standing in a yard.   Keep in mind, I do not live in a rural community.   However, there is a home not far from me that is on a couple acres, and they have a horse and a donkey.  I have no idea why I enjoy seeing this donkey just standing there.
  2. A warm breeze when the temperature outside is just a little chilly.
  3. Getting a note or a phone call from a friend I have not heard from in awhile.
  4. The smell of burning leaves, even though I keep reading about how wood smoke releases toxins into the air that will destroy the earth.  Can’t help that I still enjoy the smell!
  5. Looking through a photo album.  I just love how the old memories just float right back.  I wish I had more time to make more photo albums, I am so far behind.
  6. When someone wants to take me out to lunch or dinner.
  7. Picking the first fruits/vegetables from my garden.  It amazes me how reliable nature can be.
  8. Seeing a storm front come in.  I love storms, be it thunder or snow.  Actually, my favorite weather moment was seeing thunder snow about 19 years ago.  I had no idea it could storm and snow at the same time.  It was surreal seeing lightning through a blizzard.  (Please keep in mind that I never want to see a storm that is dangerous.)
  9. Watching an old television show that I enjoyed as a kid.  (I have been sick lately, so I have been watching a lot of Brady Bunch reruns.)
  10. Having absolutely nothing on my mind so I actually do take notice of all the wonderful things around me.

What about you?  I would love if you would share some of the little moments that occur in your life that bring you some happiness, no matter how unusual they may be!

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-S June 18, 2010 at 9:11 am

Hey Kris, Nice reminders of the little things… don’t forget euching your husband – one of my favorites.

Some of my favorite little things mostly exclusive of friends/kids include:

– sharing a bowl of ice cream at night or drinking coffee together early in the morning with someone I love
– watching my dog tease the kids to chase her and run crazy circles around the yard or house
– birds and squirrels chirping and making noise early in the morning outside the window
– opening the windows/sunroof in the car with the music turned up and letting my hair whip around wildly
– bonfires
– wading in the creek in Rochester near Paint Creek Trail and falling down accidentally
– feeding the ducks
– butterflies
– laughing until my side hurts over dorky things
– random unexpected nice/silly texts that remind you that someone is thinking about you
– smelling family BBQ’s in the neighborhood on Sundays
– fitting into old jeans/shorts again that had gotten to tight
– the shetland ponies and especially the new little tiny baby one on the farm I found down the street while searching
for Bella (in this Troy neighborhood – go figure! You really need to ride your bike over and see it for yourself)

Hope you are feeling better soon… I’ll take you to lunch.


Kris June 18, 2010 at 9:25 am

S- What a great list! I want to go see the Shetland ponies too, I may know where you are talking about. If it is the same place, I think they have llamas too!

You can take me out to lunch anytime! 🙂


Budgeting in the Fun Stuff June 18, 2010 at 1:18 pm

I love these lists! Mine would be:

1. Walking in the rain when I have no where to be.
2. Feeding the ducks and watching them interact.
3. Watching my 12 year old Dachshund mutt run the Doggy 500 when she’s excited.
4. Watching my 7 year old Pug tilt his head like he’s trying to understand me.
5. Sitting on our covered patio to watch a lightening storm in the distance.
6. The smell of my husband’s aftershave.
7. The sound of the train half a mile away every night like clockwork.
8. How our lawn looks when it’s freshly mowed and the beds are mulched in black.
9. The feel of a cool breeze on a warm day.
10. Looking around at a group of friends and realizing they all are happy to be there too.
11. Just yesterday I realized that a sincere hug can really make me feel 100% better.
12. The smell of fresh bread or freshly cut watermelon makes me beam.
13. Sleepovers or late night movie nights with friends.
14. Listening to my grandparents stories of their 20s.
15. Actually getting one of my younger sisters to laugh at my jokes.


Kris June 18, 2010 at 3:20 pm

BFS – Great items! Isn’t it amazing how often times it is the free things that make life so nice?


Money Reasons June 18, 2010 at 5:20 pm

What I like is the warm fuzzies! This happens when someone does something nice for me and I get this tingling sensation in my head that lasts as long as they continue to do the good deed. Not everybody get them though, my wife looked at me as if I was crazy when I told her about them…

The latest thing that made me feel good was when my daughter got hurt and spend at least a half an hour with my wife being comforted, then later came to me and asked for a hug. It was cute and a reassuring hug telling me that she was okay!


Kris June 18, 2010 at 5:41 pm

Money Reasons – it is great when someone shows they care, I know what you mean.

Also, I am sure that was wonderful getting that hug from your daughter. I hope she is doing ok.


Young Mogul June 19, 2010 at 3:15 pm

Life is all about the simple pleasures…one of the simplest pleasures that I love is hearing a baby laugh.


Kris June 19, 2010 at 7:14 pm

Young Mogul- I too love a baby’s laugh, and baby feet!

Thanks for stopping by!


Rebecca The Greeniac June 21, 2010 at 12:32 am

I can so totally relate to your donkey thing. I live in the land of cracker box houses, but there’s a little area just a mile or two from my house that somehow escaped suburbia. There are about a dozen properties or so that have horses & chickens roaming about. I recently scoped out a bicycle route to the Whole Foods store and my route takes me right past the horses. It just makes me SOOOO happy every time I get to see them!


Kris June 21, 2010 at 11:34 am

Rebecca – I so envy your ability to hop on your bike and take care of business. I too would love to see those horses on my travels. I quite often drive out of my way to go see that donkey. 🙂


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