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A Previously Unnoticed Feature In A Photograph

June 10, 2011 · 23 comments

in Life

It’s Friday, and it is summer vacation, so I thought I would share something amusing.  (Or at least I think is amusing.)

The other day, my youngest son told me about a picture he came across in one of the many photo bins in my room, and he was laughing. He then shared that he discovered something in the photo that he never saw before. Without telling you what it is, see if you can figure it out.  (My kids are the three in the very front.)  By the way, it was incredibly windy up there- my kid’s hair doesn’t usually look that way.

My kids at the CN Tower in Toronto many years ago. (Not all the people in the picture are my children...)

In case you couldn’t see it, take a look at my oldest child, who is standing in the middle wearing the Michigan State T-shirt. The ‘gentleman’ wearing the suit decided to put bunny ears on my son!   Of course, I have no idea who this man is, as I believe he was part of a tour group that was visiting from China.

I find this hilarious!

I have taken dares and done many whimsical things in my life, but putting bunny ears over a child’s head during a ‘photo shoot’  has never crossed my mind before.  I would worry that I was  ruining a picture that someone was going to use for a Christmas card or something!  However, I can’t guarantee I won’t do it in the future now.  🙂

Have you ever found something amusing in a picture years after it was taken?



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